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HCG Diet

When it comes to HCG weight loss, some things are essential. We’re not trying to come across too controlling but certain aspects of the diet process are too important to ignore. Using HCG diet drops brings great results if you stick to the plan. To successfully see the HCG diet benefits here are some golden rules to follow.

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Golden Rule 1: Don’t Cheat

Put simply, if you don’t follow the HCG diet properly or you don’t use HCG diet drops as recommended, you’ll find it much more difficult to lose the weight you desire. In fact, you may not lose much weight at all.

Cheating means skipping the 500-calorie diet one or two times a week, or snacking on chips on Fridays, or eating twice the allocated portion of meat. The ways to cheat are many and varied but remember the phrase the teachers used at school?

You’re only cheating yourself. Cheat on the diet and it’s your own satisfaction and achievement you’re spoiling.

Golden Rule 2: The Very Low Calorie Diet is Essential

hcg complex drops dietHCG drops are powerful but on their own they cannot help you lose weight. Sticking to 500 calories a day, while taking HCG drops, is essential for weight loss. If you continue to eat large portions and fattening foods you won’t give your body the chance to shed unwanted fat stores. HCG helps you manage the very low calorie diet by minimizing hunger, fatigue, irritability and loss of muscle tone.

Golden Rule 3: Don’t Skip HCG Doses

As explained in Rule 2, HCG helps you to stick to a very low calorie diet and lose weight. If you skip your HCG drops or miss doses, you risk feeling tired, weak and irritable if you continue with the diet. Maintaining a regular schedule of drops helps keep your body working properly and your spirits high. Similarly, don’t skip meals – keep eating regularly from the foods allowed on the diet.

Golden Rule 4: Drink Water

It’s really important to stay hydrated on the HCG diet. High-sugar sodas and alcohol are obviously out of the picture but water is great for the protocol. Stay hydrated, avoid headaches, cut hunger pangs and feel full by drinking water all through the HCG plan. Drink 1/2 to 1 gallon of fresh, filtered water every day.

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Golden Rule 5: Take HCG Drops Correctly

Take your HCG drops at least 15 minutes before eating and don’t eat or drink anything else in those 15 minutes. This means food and drink but it also includes using toothpaste, mouthwash and chewing gum, and smoking cigarettes.

Golden Rule 6: Respect the Time Limits

We recommend that you limit the time you spend on the protocol to 23 days in total. After the 23 days you can take a break for three to six weeks then recommence the HCG diet. Limiting the time on the diet like this makes certain HCG is still doing its job and you continue to lose weight safely.

Golden Rule 7: Shop Carefully

Look at the HCG diet recipe books and the list of foods allowed on the diet and plan your meals in advance. Go grocery shopping with a list and avoid all foods that are not on the list. Forward-planning helps avoid impulse purchases and having only HCG-approved food in the house makes it easier to stick to the diet. If you are still cooking for your family, keep their ingredients separate from yours so you don’t get mixed up.

Golden Rule 8: Celebrate Your Success

Follow all these guidelines and you’ll soon have something great to celebrate – your weight loss.